About DB Academy



The DB Academy is committed to further inspire children who love the game of football.

Our FA Qualified Coaches strongly believe that all children should be guided and encouraged to reach their full potential and this can be achieved by following our well structured professional player programme, in an exciting, fun and safe environment.

As one of your mentors, Darren Bent not only brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our developmental programmes, but also his strong work ethic and high status within the professional football world provides children with an influential figure who will aspire them to realise and achieve their full potential both on and off the pitch.

With the world constantly evolving around us and the widespread love of football spread over continents, it is vitally important that every child who loves football does not encounter barriers which hinder their football skills. Here at DBA, all players regardless of their level of football are welcome to work alongside our experienced coaches to develop and nurture their love for the game.

Here at DBA we feel passionate that every child should be given the chance to maximise their individual football skills and their ability to grow in the game, as at times children can slip through the net through loss of confidence or feeling disheartened, which in the worst case scenario can result in them giving up on their football journey completely.

By drawing on their own love and respect of how football can enrich children’s lives, Darren and the DBA team will bring their abundance of experience and wealth of contacts in football, to support and encourage children to reach their dreams.